Project 3: Additional Project Part 1- Illustration Recreation

For this week’s project, I am experimenting with recreating imagery from illustrations and non photographic artwork.  The purpose of this project is to bring to life different elements of an educational illustration.  For this, I was to choose a selection of individual images that I felt I could recreate using my practice.  I feel this concept follows on from previous projects in which I have investigated into what photography is as a medium and how it distributes art/ hand made imagery as a reproduced product.

The visuals I selected were simple card illustrations of cartoon characters demonstrating an educational activity.  As these images used characters and the setting for the image was in a public location , I decided to approach the idea through street/documentative photography.  I felt this would be the best way to interpret the concept as each visual involves a person and a location.


Fig 1. Educational Map Illustrations. 2015

A selection of original Images photographed:

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Post Production

Following the shoot, I edited my final chosen images using Photoshop to make some minor adjustments such as contrast and the improvement of tonal effects.  As the images appear quite busy, I transferred the colour scheme to monochrome using the grayscale tool; I found the colours in the backgrounds distract from the main subject. I also used the crop tool to straighten the images and remove any unnecessary content.

By using the selection tools, I selected particular areas of the background of the image and used the curves tool to enhance further contrast between the subject and the surroundings to increase the intensity of the silhouette.


Final Street Images

Fig 2. Drums: ‘Playing/Engaging with the World’. 2015

I selected this image as part of my final series as I find this person brings about a sense of tranquility and honesty with what he is doing.  I feel this image reflects the activity ‘Playing’ and also ‘Engaging with the world’  as he is performing through his interaction with the drum and he is creating an atmosphere within the environment.


Fig 3. Cross: ‘Risk Taking’. 2015

I also selected this image as I find it an interesting perspective of an action that is about to take place (walking across the road) and I find there is a sense of individuality in the way the anonymous person’s foot is lifted in the air.  I find this image could reflect the activity ‘Risk Taking’ as it presents an action where one must tread quickly and carefully.


Fig 4. March: ‘Reflecting/Engaging with the World’. 2015

This image of a peaceful marching protest depicts a perspective that I find quite solemn and respectful.  This image is included as I find there is a presence of mourning  and individual reflection with the way the man looks over his shoulder.  I find this may relate to the activity of ‘Reflecting’ as the band pay their respects.  I also think it could possibly relate to the activity ‘Engaging with the World’ as the band demonstrates their march to nearby onlookers.


Fig 5. Proud: ‘Agent of Transformation’. 2015

This image is included as I feel it represents someone that is completely representative of individual culture and I feel the subject is very expressive through his body language.  I find this image mirrors the ‘Agent of Transformation’ illustration as this person is acting as a flamboyant character which encourages passers by within the environment.



Fig 6. Look, Listen: ‘Looking’.

This image is included as I find it presents a nice expression of the simple activity of ‘Looking’.  You can see in the person’s face how there is a concentration and awareness of surroundings.


Additional Images:


Fig 7. ‘Breaking Boundaries’. 2015

This is an additional image in which I intentionally created an activity for my subject as an experiment.  I feel this image could relate to the activity ‘Breaking Boundaries’ as the subject appears to be floating in the air (which is obviously something that cannot be done).  To create this illusion, I had my subject jump slightly in which I caught the action while the subject was still off the ground.  I find this image presents an almost fantasy atmosphere with the subjects pose and how the lighting contrasts against one area of the environment which I think makes it appear quite intense.



Reflecting on the images I have produced for this project, I find that the series is weak in reflecting each specific activity represented in the illustration I have been working from.  I think this is because I have created this series in a more spontaneous fashion and I do not think the images relate to each other very well as they present different aspects of what we see on the street rather than similar ones.  The images express various different characteristics of their own agenda which makes it difficult to piece together images that closely connect to the theme.  For instance, the image of the marching band strongly differs from the image of the ‘British’ man.  Firstly the marching band represents something very solemn while the other represents pride; however representing countries is what these two images do have in common but they still do not sit well together as a collaborative piece.  Concepts such as risk taking and reflecting are somewhat visible in slight ways in some of my images, however I feel each image represents a theme of their own.

Reviewing my progress with this project, my plan is to make another attempt at representing the individual activities found in the illustration without relying on spontaneity.


 University of Hertfordshire (2015) Education Map, Lecture by Ian Willcock


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