Current Inspirations-Cinematography in Music Videos

‘I’ll Show You’ Music Video, Directed by Rory Kramer, Song written by Justin Bieber

The most recent music video for the song ‘I’ll Show You’ by Singer/Songwriter Justin Bieber presents a simplistic perspective of the figure and the landscape in which the video simply follows Bieber around an attractive landscape in Iceland.

I strongly admire the production of this video as it brings a very good example of using a wide space and placing a single subject as support within it. The shots presented in this video explores the vast beauties of the landscape on a wide angle scale.  This makes the viewer feel as if they are there with how the camera places the audience in the subject’s point of view.  It also makes the viewer want to experience the location for themselves as there is an emphasis on viewing the space from various angles; the camera brings a sense of height and distance to the scenery which makes the video visually dramatic.  I feel I can use this as an influence towards my own practice as I find it represents how a broad sense of space can compliment a subject when used in the right way.


‘Running (Love It All)’ Music Video directed by Charlie Robins, Song written by Naughty Boy, Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin

Another music video I have recently viewed is the music video for the song ‘Running’ by Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin.  I find this is another strong example that makes the most of the space given and I particularly admire the lighting and visual effects within the visual sequence.  The video presents a performance underwater between two people on a seabed.  The video uses the physical actions of their performance such as underwater running and floating upside down as a way of re-imagining the seascape.  At one point in the film, the camera converts the scene upside down so it appears that the woman floating upside down with her feet to the water’s surface is running on the surface.  I find this is a clever method of using the surroundings as a way of interacting with the subject.

Although these works represent moving images, I find they relate closely to my intentions within my own practice as both videos display ways of creating a personal relationship between the space and a figure alone.


Youtube GB (2015) JustinBieberVevo, [Online]Available from: [Accessed 06/11/2015]

Youtube GB (2015) NaughtyBoyVevo, [Online]Available from: [Accessed 06/11/2015]


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