Current Inspirations – Angus Fraser

Fig 1. Tidal Pool II. 2010

Following my previous findings, I have come to revisit the work of English photographer Angus Fraser, particularly his series of portraits in both interior and exterior environments.  Following his studies in photography in Rochester, Fraser has gone on to exhibit his work in many galleries nationally and internationally and also works as a senior lecturer at the University West of England. Fraser brings a photojournalistic style within his work, documenting campaign events as well as landscape portraits and man made structures within broad landscape environments. Fraser is currently exploring the subject of Death is represented in photography. His recent landscape series ‘Krynui Kalnas (Hill of Crosses) presents hundreds of memorial crosses stood in the ground to create a fence like structure that stretches far across the land.  The scene is set in winter as snow covers the ground and there no beings are present.  I find this series very evocative as there is a sense of solemn tranquillity which has the viewer recognise that it is a special place and should not be touched.  Fraser’s personal portrait works are also quite captivating in how he moves around within the space, creating an interesting sense of distance between the viewer and the subject.  Fraser brings an effective balance of colour within his work as in several portraits he contrasts the surrounding environment with the clothing of the subject but he also utilizes colour in a way that can blend the scenery and the subject nicely as well in others.  Other commercial work includes the condom campaign in which Fraser uses exterior urban spaces such as walls and under bridges to display the story of the subject through a written message in graffiti.  I find this is an interesting way to use the character of the space as a canvas for the message where the viewer is able to read it but at the same time understand the emotional background this has on the subject.  The graffiti art itself is used in a way that also interacts with the subject as Fraser places them in particular areas of the space so that the graffiti art appears to be making an physical effect on them on a personal level.

I find Fraser brings a nice variety of work where he explores both staged photography but also more casual genres as well such as street documentary and still life.  I admire how Fraser is quite broad with his subjects; he does not just stick with one specific theme and this can vary from portraits to landscapes and studio based activity.  From looking more into his involvement in commercial advertising and personal work, I find this directs how I can work from my research as he does and this will be very useful towards ideas development of my projects.


Prints for Refugees (2015) Angus Fraser [Online] Available from: [Accessed 30/12/2015]

Photizm (2015) Angus Fraser [Online] Available from: [Accessed 30/12/2015]



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