Research/Enquiry-‘The phenomenology of Love’ Lecture: Findings of Relatable Concepts

Fig 1. The Phenomenology of Love by Jason Coe. 2013

In this lecture, Jason Coe presents an idea understanding when the methodologies of love in a romantic sense.  Although this lecture has little association with my current practice, I still find it gives an interesting take on how we interpret the world and what we do as individuals to read the world and the people within it.  Here Coe talks about various theoretical factors that may contribute towards falling in love and I find these factors can also be found when observing people and the environment.

Firstly Coe describes the idea of how the human sensation of love comes about as an unconscious material presence that we experience and that we place our ideas onto a ‘material’ world.  Here Coe addresses how our minds work in response to our surroundings and the people we are around.  I find this an unusual and engaging theory as it brings about the idea that we as individuals put meaning into places ourselves; an individual could visit a beautiful landscape and express how this place is ‘meaningful’ or  ‘special’ but in actuality,  we cannot know if there is something special of a place as a fact because it is the individual who made up the idea.  I think this basically addresses how a place means something only when someone visits it and gives their personal interpretation or view of it.

Coe then goes on to explain how we explore the world (or universe) and create theories about it but that said, we don’t know the actual truth.  Coe describes how we cannot ever actually know the real reason for the existence of everything we know because man kind has always theorised and experimented; Coe explains how our knowledge of things in life are made up of our own ideas and by testing these ideas, we discover whether it works or not.  This idea addresses how we cannot understand something until we experience it for ourselves; this could relate to places and people in a sense that addresses why there is an existence of something within it.  I find this could strongly relate to how themes are conveyed in art and photography as this acts as a major input towards the ‘materiality’ of a person or place.

Coe then enters another idea that we possess a ‘Coding’ in ourselves that determines our relationships with others.  Coe describes how we discover whether we’re suited to someone who we can love or something such as a hobby or career path that we are interested in and how we judge others ‘codings’ but we still don’t really know if we’re suited to a specific being or thing.  Here Coe addresses how our minds become activated by what we receive from our surroundings and fellow individuals via ‘signals’.  I think this is is another interesting idea which can somewhat relate to how we connect with something or someone.  I can relate the idea to my own concepts which explore finding peace and sanctuary by what we are provided with in terms of place, however this aims more towards the individual.  This is still relevant because it highlights how we connect with people on a personal level.

In conclusion, I found this a very inspiring and thought provoking lecture as it gives a range of different ideas as to how we associate ourselves with something and how we respond to this.  Following my findings from this video, I intend to further explore similar theories which may prove useful to my creative conceptual ideas within my work.

Youtube GB (2013) The Phenomenology of Love: How I learned Deleuzean methodology by falling in Love. [Online] Available from: (Accessed 27/03/2013)


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