Research/Enquiry- Televised Drama – Promotional Photography

I have recently been contemplating still shots taken from televised dramas and films.  The way which dramas are promoted or advertised to a public audience usually uses direct sources through the form of stills to address storyline information.  This is done throughout a lot of visual media including soap operas, seasonal dramas and in big screen cinema.  As I am currently using aspects of staged content within my work, I have found observing these examples of promotion very noteworthy as these types of images present a format that is very much connected to the moving version of the scene itself.

I intend to create imagery that also implies a scene in the present moment where the viewer can take in the scene and feel keen to know what is happening or what may happen.  For example, magazines give regular updates on dramas as a way to engage a wider audience to follow the story.  This method of advertising catches the viewer’s attention from the image presented before they continue to read more information on the topic afterwards.

The image seen in fig 1 presents an ‘in the moment’ scene from British drama Downton Abbey.  I find this example of promotional advertising draws the viewer as there is focal depth between the foreground and background but there is also an emotional acknowledgement between the characters.  I find this image is almost ‘breaking the fourth wall’ as the character in the foreground is looking directly toward the audience; this is not intentional however, there is still a connection also made between the subject and viewer.  The audience is literally placed in a position where they can also view events from the individual’s point of view which emphasises on building up the narrative aspect.


Downton Abbey Wallpaper 8, All rights reserved (2016) Wallpapers hd now [Online] Availabale (Accessed 01/01/2016)


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