Research/Enquiry- Jamie Hawksworth

Fig 1. Hawkesworth. J. Preston Bus Station. Untitled. 2014

London based photographer Jamie Hawkesworth practices photography depicting everyday life.  Following his studies at the Preston University, Hawkesworth now creates his collections from his travels across the British Region in which he presents portraits of ordinary people he has encountered.

His series ‘ Preston Bus Station’ is one collection which interestingly explores environment as well as the people within it as Hawkesworth also presents still life imagery of small corners and left objects alongside his portraits.  Hawkesworth is laid back about his subjects and bring a sense of spontaneity, however at the same time, he captures simple moments of people having a moment to themselves or with others. Hawkesworth’s images are quiet and subtle in which he creates depth in composition and contrast bringing a warm, toned down atmosphere.  The individual characters he photographs are varied as some reveal their identity while others are captured from behind anonymously.  This leaves question as to whether the individual is aware of the photographer/viewer.  Hawkesworth photographs some of his subjects discreetly as for some characters, there is no acknowledgement of the viewer’s presence and appears as if they have been followed.  The way in which Hawkesworth captures objects also derives ideas of how long these objects have been there.  For example, an image of a cleaning trolley left on a walkway could suggest that the cleaner has not long left and will return to his duties shortly.  Also, much of the lighting in these images are low key which reveals the setting has been photographed during a quiet period.

In other works, Hawkesworth gives a similar atmosphere in which he explores places with down to earth characters that have a relationship with their surroundings.   I admire how Hawkesworth brings the ‘feeling’ of a place within his work and gives a variety of portraits and supporting still life and landscape imagery that I find quite modest.  I find this a strong influence towards my practice as Hawkesworth uses the environment to give some background to the place and he also brings a sense of vacancy in the scenes.  The audience is made to feel as if we are also waiting for something to happen or appear in a way that suggests we are only give half the story.

Hawkesworth also presented a short film of the ‘Preston Bus Station’ series as a way to commemorate the last days of the station before its closing. The film features a High School Brass band playing as they walk though the station.


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