Ideas Development: Experimental Practice

Following my findings, I have decided to proceed with photographing objects within landscape environments to experiment with the concept of ‘interior meets exterior’.  For this, my concept involves exploring interior objects merging with aspects of the outdoors as I intend to bring more surrealism to my practice.  The purpose for this project is to explore various concepts that both man made instruments and nature can have in common.  These concepts include the exploration of time, narrative and absence.

Concept 1: Narrative Objects

My first idea involves photographing objects in a natural environment to emphasise on my intentions of exploring man made vs nature.  I intend to photograph a range of objects as they would normally be seen but as a twist, I shall be using aspects of the surrounding environment.  I intend to experiment by creating a series of images that explores various narratives in relation to the environment.

Concept 2: Single Narrative Object

My second idea involves photographing one object as the main focus for a narrative in which this will be placed in different exterior environments both natural and urban.   Depending on my choice of object, I intend to act upon its uses within the environment.  When installing the piece, I intend to feature a single representation of the object (photographic) in the viewing space alongside the photographs to emphasise on its connection with the audience as well as its presence within the images.

Concept 2.2: Apple?

My alternative concept for this idea will involve featuring the object in the viewing space, however the object will be hidden for the viewer to search for. As this will be more interactive, the intention for this would be to have a narrative focusing on the presence and then sudden absence of the object in the image with the last still displaying a message directed at the viewer for them to find the object.

Concept 3: Landscape Portal Box

My third idea involves a more interactive approach.  This idea shall involve photographing a plain coloured box within a landscape environment as a series or single photograph.  I intend to have a ‘peep hole’ on one side of the box (as displayed in the image) and I shall also feature the box itself in the viewing space.  The intention is for the viewer to peep through the box where they will view the landscape that is seen in the picture but from the perspective where it appears as if they are looking from inside the box to the outside space in the photograph.  I intend to do this as a way for the audience to connect more with the space and object presented and for the viewer to feel as if they have been transported to the environment displayed in the photograph.


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