Yayoi Kusama

This video looks at the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who creates unique installations that involves the participation of her audience.  Kusama is an artist who travelled from Japan to New York to make her name in the art world.  By the 1960’s, Kusama had received great recognition for her quirky installation pieces in which she works with a broad range of materials.  Kusama produces a variety of concepts in her work, from mirrored installations to large three dimensional sculpture work.  In 1993, Kusama reprinted her country at the Venice Biennale and has exhibited internationally where her work has featured in various galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art. Her piece ‘Obliteration Room’ which was featured at the Tate Modern Museum (2012) sees Kusama take an interactive approach in which she invites the audience to paste coloured spot stickers on any surface in a white ‘living room’ setting.


Kusama introduces an interesting perspective on how a space can be transformed, becoming something that wouldn’t be expected.  Here I find Kusama demonstrates well the power of choice in a sense that changes our perspective of what a space could look like if we approached its features differently. I find I can relate this to my concept ideas as this example also initiates the idea of placing something symbolic in a setting where you would not expect it to appear.  I find I can relate this concept art to my ideas of representing how the individual can gain something from a space and vice versa; Kusama clearly does this as she begins the project with a blank canvas and eventually becomes something of interest as more individuals enter the room.  Furthermore to my concept ideas, this gives me further consideration of presenting to the audience an activity to participate in that relates to what they see on the wall.


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