Artists and Shapes

Rachel Whiteread


Rachel Whiteread is a contemporary sculpture artist who creates installation pieces that observe form and space.  Whiteread often works with casting materials such as clay.  Whiteread’s exploration of space is experimental with fossilising the areas surrounding object surfaces in which Whiteread takes away the functionality of the space as if it were not meant to be used by people at all.  Whiteread is a previous winner of the Turner Prize award which she received in 1993 for her piece ‘House’ which was a sculptural work that characterised the interior space of a typical London home space.  The sculpture literally brings the interior out to the exterior environment, reversing the concept of the house’s design format.  Whiteread has exhibited internationally, presenting installation works that applies study but also considers possibility that even objects and space itself can be manipulated.

One particular installation that I find influential is Whiteread’s piece ‘Embankment’ which features hundreds of white cube blocks creating a walk through for the viewer.  Whiteread is experimental with this installation not only in the three dimensional shapes themselves but also in the arrangement of where the shapes are placed.  Whiteread creates towers of blocks at different height levels, giving the space a city like character as the sea of blocks create a maze.  I find this piece inspires my conceptual ideas in terms of using basic objects used as a multiple output.

I find Whiteread brings out the best in what can be done with a simple form as she reanalyses the function of an object or space by using other methods of representation.  This example gives me drive to consider how the audience can manoeuvre through a space in partnership with the subject matter.  This also brings further ideas on experimenting with size.


Jessica Eaton


Jessica Eaton is a photographic artist who creates optical and geometric imagery, often depicting cube forms as illusional visuals.  Her process involves photographing objects using multiple exposures where she also uses analog photography to experiment with masking and colour filters in camera.  Her works often consist of rich colours and basic geometric pattern; Eaton’s images are almost reminiscent of cubist paintings.  Her images give a dialogue that is experimental with visualising a three dimensional space and this tricks the viewers eye.  Eaton is also experimental with the hardness and softness of her shape forms in which in some of her works, the shapes edges fade into the background, bringing a blurred effect.The colours that Eaton uses also present diverse perspectives a she merges translucent colouring to the visuals that bring a prism like apparatus.

As well as utilising geometric forms, Eaton also photographs complex patterns and is playful with how these patterns merge with objects consisting of a similar character. Her images featuring flowers against patterned walls further applies illusion as she bonds background and object together using colour carbon printing.   Eaton takes away noise from the images before adding multiple colour filter separations which brings out an unusual vibrance.  Eaton completely uses analog in this process.

I find Eaton brings various different styles to her works as she not only explores basic form but also forms with complex detail.  I admire how Eaton uses colour in vibrant tones and this brings more emphasis on the visual structures she creates.  I find Eaton influential towards my understanding of alternative methods of suing the colour wheel when observing still life.  This is a particularly important element in my own creative practice as my intentions involve representing vibrant colour against a contrasting background.



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