‘Boxed Theories’

Following my experimentations with photographing basic shapes, with observation of the box in particular, this brings me to consider the meaning behind this shape in historical culture.  I find I need to address more depth in meaning or purpose of my subject matter as this is something that is currently weak. Here i shall be investigating two theories that relate to the boxed object.

Schrodinger’s Cat Theory

This theory explains the concept of a cat trapped inside a box with a radioactive device and poison which would exterminate the cat once the source activates its radiation.  The theory is suggestive that the cat can neither live or die while the box is shut.  This theory was used as an imaginative argument against the scientist Copenhagen when analysing the existence of particles in quantum mechanics.   I find this theory brings an interesting take on what would happen if one were to interact with the box (whatever matter it may be) as this considers more curiosity and brings forth the idea of temptation.  This is something that I could potentially apply to my own installation where the viewer is tempted to interact with the subject matter but is given a choice not to.  This could be an intriguing concept in terms of engaging with the viewer in a psychological sense.

Pandora’s Box Theory

The Pandora’s box theory tells the mythical story of a box (this was said to actually be a large jar) that was opened by the first lady Pandora in which this resulted in all the evils of the world being released from the box.  However, Pandora managed to trap the sentiment of ‘hope’ inside.  The moral of the story teaches us that even an innocent action could bring drastic consequences.

Reflecting on this story, I find the releasing or trapping something from inside the box form an interesting concept.  This inspires me to consider questions of what the viewer may or may not find out about an object.  For example, what lies inside the box? Why is the box shut and not open?  These ideas are influential towards my understanding of how I can observe an object deeper in design and purpose.

To explore objects in further depth, I intend to bring a more structured narrative that leads a story perhaps with a similar moral to the given theories.


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