Thinking Outside the Box

Following my research in still life and installation photography, I find I am now at a stage where my ideas surrounding single object photography is to be further explored and developed.  As well as my other ideas that would involve having the audience participate in activities relating to my conceptual work, I have even considered exhibiting on a larger scale by creating a walk through installation.

Reflecting on my practice with object photography, I find exploring three dimensional shapes and forms a diverse study.  Speaking to photographer Maxine Beuret, I came upon the idea of exploring the geometrical side visual three dimensional structure and how I could integrate this into my conceptual practice.  During our discussion, I was given the suggestion of potentially featuring my work within a public functional space such as a library.  I find this is a very good idea in terms of bringing additional participatory connections with the audience and this amy also assist in identifying my target audience more specifically.

To conclude my reflection on this matter, I find I have further options that considers not only brings a conceptual message but also an educational perspective of visual imagery.



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