Magic Box Installation- Possible Ideas Development


For my final idea towards my Major Project, I would like to pursue my concept idea of creating a large walk through box in which images will be featured inside.  However, I have decided to present a ‘magic’ theme with the box structure giving a’magic box’ appearance. Following my recent investigations in theories relating to the box as well as other artists who use shapes as their subject matter, I am intrigued to experiment myself with ‘tricking the mind’ through my own visual interpretations.  I have chosen to pursue this idea because I feel my findings all potentially reference concepts relating to the unexplained and I find this theme offers good potential in entertainment in terms of giving the viewer something to do as well as viewing photographs.

Magic Box Installation Plan

Box structure – The installation will consist of a large box structure for the viewer to walk through.  As I am using a magic theme for this installation, I intend to decorate the box with a title on its exterior.   When the audience explores inside the box, I intend to create an atmosphere that translates a mysterious quality that will intrigue the viewer in.  For this I intend to light the interior, perhaps using coloured LED lights.

Photographs – I intend to photograph objects, perhaps within both interior and exterior environments that directly relate to the given activities/objects featured in the ‘box’ room.  I may also photograph people in which this could potentially be portraits representing the ‘magician’ or the ‘magicians assistant’ which are characters I intend to recreate in some way.





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