Narrative Photo Essay: Developed Proposal and Final Decisions

My intentions for this project involve exploring the individual on a profound level and initiating a bonding relationship with their surroundings.  Following my findings of practitioners who use sequential photography,  I have come to further consider how my sequential series shall be presented in which I have decided to present my series as a photo essay.  I have chosen to do this as I find this an efficient method of  displaying my images consecutively and will give a basic and fluent structure where the viewer can follow the narrative with ease.  This also allows me to archive the imagery to a greater extent as part of my narrative as opposed to selecting images of a fewer number.

As well as exploring the theme of ‘Sanctuary’ within the sequenced narrative, I also intend to bring across a recognition of identity concerning the individual.  I find this is an important factor as the theme can also potentially relate to how a ‘Sanctuary’ can affect a person emotionally and perhaps physically.   Ways I would like to represent this within the series may include featuring text alongside the images, potentially as a single worded subtitle.

My practice will observe aspects of the surroundings in which I intend to bring focus on one particular object as a subject in relation to the individual.  My concept idea will focus on how the object presents the answer to the identity of the individual and throughout the series, I intend to show the development of this encounter as the object takes an affect on the individual.  For example, this could potentially draw attention to the cause of the environmental change in relation to the individual.

I have decided to set the scene in an interior space in a household environment that personally relates to the lead character; this may be a bedroom or I may also use other rooms to convey other narrative developments.


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