Blue Ball Still Life: Photo shoot 3

Following my current practice experimenting with still life within the exterior landscape, I am now intrigued to explore observing objects within a different type of ‘landscape’. My experiments with the box object proved successful in bringing simplicity in the observation of a basic shape against a basic background.  My newest experiments observe another simple object with the same intentions, however this time, I experiment with placing the subject matter within the folds of fabric materials.  These experiments introduce the ‘blue ball’ as the main focus.  Throughout this practice, I found I could create my own landscape by moving and changing the folds of the fabric to create wavy or folded forms surrounding the object.

For the setting, I chose to use colder colours in which I selected my materials by different shades of blue and I also chose to shoot in natural daylight emphasise a soft, natural ambience.  My experiments involved using both patterned, plain fabrics and other minuscule reflective objects to initiate variety in content.

All images 


Post Production

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 20.45.35

During the editing process, I chose to crop some of the images to refine framing of the wave shapes surrounding the blue ball.  I also intended to have the ball positioned in various different areas of the images to bring a variety of perspective.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 22.54.15

The exposure of the images also needed some adjustment as some of the images were too overexposed, casting very white areas.  The ‘gamma correction’ tool made some difference for this as well as the exposure setting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 19.54.02

Other adjustments I made to the images included mainly using the curves tool to balance the lighting to a better standard.  I found it difficult to keep an even exposure on occasion due to photographing dark subject matter  against a very light background.


Outcomes: Patterned Fabric and Blue Ball


Fig 4

This first image sees the ball wrapped within the folds of the fabric in which it is placed in the centre of the image.  This is a successful shot as there is an even depth of field and the composition works well.

Fig 5

I find this image gives a diverse perspective of the ball as it sits among the fabric.  There is an intense contrast and this brings balance in colour and lighting in the image as the dark blue ball sits in a lighter area.

Fig 6

This image sees the ball at a slightly further distance from the camera.  The ball itself is slightly out of focus, however, the contrast in lighting is effective and the arrangement of the folds gives a nice frame to the subject matter. Some areas are overexposed, however, I purposely intended for this image to be lighter to further emphasise the difference between light and dark aspects.

Fig 7

For this image, I chose to experiment with an even smaller subject.  Here I am intending to portray the opposite where we see light subject matter against a darker background.  This also works well and presents a rich colour hue.

Fig 8

The gem used for this image is also effective, however, I do find this tiny object is somewhat too reflective, causing light to bounce off the gem too much.  However, I do find the composition is also strong here.

Fig 9

For this image, I chose to bring the material together as a circular fold in which we see the gem placed in the centre.  In this image the composition is effective, however, I find the gem object does not let itself be known to the viewer as much as it appears very transparent.

Fig 10

I fns this image brings strength in both depth of field and composition.  There is a mesmerising quality to the image that leads the viewer’s eye into the unknown distance as well as focusing on the main subject matter.  There is also a decent balance in colour contrast and the image also presents effective quality in definition.

Fig 11

This image brings a more narrow view of the gem ball.  For this shot, my intention was to introduce more background outside of the folds of fabric.  Once again, there is strong depth of field and distinguishes fine detail of the subject matter.


Outcomes: Plain Fabric and Blue Ball

Fig 12
Fig 13
Fig 14

These images bring a nice composition of the fabric, however parts of the images are too overexposed.  However I do find there is a nice contrast in lighting between the lighter and darker parts of the fabric.

Fig 15
Fig 16
Fig 17
Fig 18

I find these images present a more balanced quality in both colour hues and exposure.  I also find the presentation of the ball at a closer perspective brings more insight into the materiality of both the subject and its background.


In conclusion, I have found pursuing these experiments a refreshing new approach towards still life.  It was also a pleasure photographing within an interior environment and I find the set up worked well with use of simplistic objects and backdrop.  I do still think that there is lack of theme in the images s there is no direct narrative development. however, my intention was to bring strong focus to observation of form and space and i feel I have accomplished this well.

I found lighting the scene difficult as some aspects appear darker or lighter than others so balancing these aspects together was quite challenging.  However, despite the exposures of some images being rather bright, I do find this brings vibrance to these images.  Overexposure was not my intention, however, for a few images, it surprisingly works well.

I find my experimentation using the plain blue fabric a better backdrop to use for the subject matter as on occasion, the patterned fabric was fairly distracting and I find the use of this material also may have made they images appear too ‘pretty’.  Despite this, it was interesting to experiment with colour and detail as well as basic forms.  Overall, I have found this photo shoot enlightening and I find this has give me further direction in choice of subject matter.




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