Blue Ball Still Life Part 2

My second phase of experiments takes a slightly different approach in observation of the ‘ball’ object and fabric materials.  For this brief experiment, I used a blue ball once again, however this time, I chose to use a paler colour palette involving two different colours as I am intrigued to experiment with contrasting colours with more diversity.  As well as the appearance of the objects being pale, the textures are also a lot softer and non reflective.  This gave me opportunity to use soft lighting and reflection.   Materials used include a plastic blue ball and pale pink wool material.

Post Production

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 15.45.22

During the editing process, I intended to keep the adjustments to a minimum.  I chose to crop some images to ensure a correct composition.  I also rotated some images to give a new perspective of the image content in which some appeared more effective as portrait than landscape.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 15.46.15

I used the curves tool to make slight improvements to lighting and contrast. I also increased the magenta colour channel using colour balance to bring out the colour of the backdrop.  Other adjustments made, included increasing the clarity or definition of the images and using the spot healing tool to erase any unwanted marks.


Fig 1

For several of the images, I creased the materials to create a very wavy ripple appearance.  This works well for this image as this brings an interesting surface in contrast with the smooth surface of the ball object.  This image is also effective in depth of field and gives a closer perspective of the materials texture.

Fig 2

I find this image presents an unusual composition that leads the viewer’s eye well. There is evidence of the material’s pattern which I find slightly diverting, however, I do not find this is a major flaw and the image sits well with respect to colour and form.

Fig 3

I find this image is perhaps one of my strongest in the com positioning and the lighting of the scene.  I feel this image brings more of a sense of landscape as I have creased the material leaving more open space.  I do find there are some minor areas that bring unwanted shadow, however, overall the image is well exposed. I find this image almost refers to a mountainous landscape as we see small creases that give a similar resemblance.

Fig 4

For this image, my intention was to repeat the same type of perspective which I had previously used for my ‘red box’ series which sees the object at a straight forward angle with a slight height.  Here the focus is realised where the viewer can simply recognise the ball object and the background in its simplest form with no alterations i.e. the ball is in centre and the fabric material is laid flat.

Fig 5

This image brings an interesting composition that has the ball appear trapped between the material creases.  My intention here was to experiment with resting the object in a vulnerable position and I find this image almost recreates a cave like landscape with how the fabric is folded.



In conclusion, I have found it beneficial to retrace my steps with this practice involving the ball object giving focus to observation using different methods.  I find this series brings a sense of innocence and this may be because of the colours I have used.  Exploring form in this way has given me further ideas towards my future projects in which I intend to include objects as a physical presence.

As a possible installation idea towards my major project, I have initialised the concept of featuring images such as this displayed on a surrounding interior wall space and featuring the objects themselves from the images as a ‘playroom’ environment.  For example, if I were to feature this ball series presented on a wall space, a ball pit installation would prove to be a fun or even relaxing atmospheric interaction for viewers.  Using inspiration from this series, my intention would be to feature soft materials such as duvets spread across the floor for the audience to lie down upon and feature dozens of the blue ball object as a feature for the viewer to interact with.

I do feel sticking to a particular colour theme(s) is important for an installation such as this as this will also bring into consideration of other aspects that may be used such as lighting or projection.  This is another aspect that could come in to play in which projection may also feature music as an additional feature for an installation; this would involve presenting a certain mood to the audience.  For this idea, I could approach this installation idea in various fashions, either making it fun and colourful or calm with use of cool colours.  Overall, I think this is a doable concept that I am intrigued to consider trying out.


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