The Pebble and the Acorn: Narrative Photo Shoot


For this photography experimentation, I have chosen to feature more than one object and use the opponents in a more narrative sense that shows ‘object’ interaction.  I am interested to explore the idea of objects having a companionship with each other and my intention is to tell a story of a development in this through a visual observation series.  I have chosen to photograph elements of nature in this series which involve the visual relationship between a pebble and an acorn.  I chose these as my main subject matter because I am now intrigued to experiment bringing elements of the outdoors into the interior space.  I also find these ‘objects of nature’ both give simple forms and they are both similar in shape and size which allows me to try composing them in a variety of ways. As a background, I decided to use a plain white backdrop to maintain simplicity of the scene as much as possible.

Post Production

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 15.50.03

During the editing process for these images, I had to be careful in adjusting the exposure as some of the images possessed reasonable lighting in which my intention was to adjust the exposure but not to the extent where the background appears too bright.  I also adjusted highlights and shadows to balance these elements for both the background and the main subject matter. An additional adjustment made was to increase the definition/clarity of the images to define detail to a better quality.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 15.51.23

As my intention was to keep all images of the series level, cropping the images to the right size was crucial for all images to evenly match in level.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 15.51.57

I also made slight lighting adjustments using the curves tool.  Some images did appear too bright and this affected some colouring hues in the background so I also adjusted other channels in the RGB presets to minimise this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 16.55.28

I found slight difficulty in balancing the colours of the images as each aspect of the subject matter were of a different colour tone and so I made further adjustments using the colour balance tool.


Fig 5

The first image of this narrative series introduces one of the main subject matter which is the acorn.

Fig 6

The second image of the series introduces another of the main subject matter which is the pebble.

Fig 7

The photo series brings focus on these two elements as the main narrative story.

Fig 8

Here we see the acorn balancing on the edge of the pebble; the acorn and the pebble are creating a bond.

Fig 9

Here we see both elements together as one, the bonding process is complete.

Fig 10

This image introduces a third element of subject matter which is a sea shell.

Fig 11

This image shows the pebble and sea shell together in which my intention for this is to bring recognition that these two elements can be found in the same beach environment, ultimately showing the relation between the two.

Fig 12

At this stage in the series, we see all three elements where the environmental connection between the pebble and the sea shell is stronger than that of the pebble and the acorn.

Fig 13

This image represents how the connection between the pebble and the acorn is broken as the sea shell has now become the pebble’s new companion.

Fig 14

This image shows the vulnerability of the acorn as it sits alone without an elemental companion.

Fig 15

This image introduces a fourth element of subject matter where we see a leaf is also without a companion.

Fig 16

This image represents the relation between the acorn and the leaf in which both elements can be found in natural plantation environments.

Fig 17

This image brings the pebble, the acorn and the shell together where at this stage, we can identify there is still a bond between the three.

Fig 18

This image further explores the subject matter in which we see all four elements together. For this image, my intention was to observe all elements to identify the differences between them.


Fig 18

This image sees all four elements stacked on top of each other to represent acceptance and equality, initiating al subject matter are bonded.

Fig 20

The moral of this narrative is to assure us how despite differences in appearance and background, all elements bring something of importance.



In conclusion, I have found the result of this experimentation pleasant and unexpected.  I am satisfied with the image content as it appears simple but also quite figurative.  I feel I have brought across the narrative element well in this series as we see developments of the bonding relationship between the different objects in which this can relate to similar circumstances in everyday reality.

I found lighting the scene presented slight difficulty as all of the objects used were of different tones and this presented a matter of balancing this correctly without affecting the lighting of the background.  To assist this further, I also used white card materials to bounce more light onto the background as some areas appeared slightly shadowed.

I find this series has brought my photography practice toward a new objective in which I am now interested in exploring form and environment alone without featuring people.  I do intend to return to exploring the individual at a later stage, however, I am now focused on exploring narrative in a different way.  I find the concept of exploring the relationship between objects works better in conducting a story to follow as opposed to only focusing on one thing.  I now realise this is something that brings more development to a narrative.  Overall, I intend to explore natural still life further within the interior space.


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