Still Life Photography: Victoria Ivanova

Victoria Ivanova

Fig 1. To Erect a Monument.

Victoria Ivanova is a Russian fine art photographer who creates unusual narrative still lives portraying objects with character.  Usually presenting her work in black and white, Ivanova often uses harsh lighting and contrast in which she also experiments with shadows and framing compositions within her subject matter.

Ivanova uses everyday objects such as fruit, nails and string in which her most well known piece sees a series of images displaying clothing pegs featured as a ‘building’ narrative.  Ivanova presents uniqueness in presenting background with texture in which some of her images, we see cracks and markings. Ivanova presents a surreal quality to her images where she also brings disfigured perspectives where she uses reflective mirrors and frames, bringing a sense of visual illusion.

I admire Ivanova for how she imagines objects as live characters in her narratives and her use of lighting brings effective atmospheres to her imagery which is often quite sorrowful and mysterious.  Ivanova also brings a sense of explorative perception as her images almost create obstacles for viewers where there is an ongoing pattern or foreshadowing of narrative events.  I find her work is very thought provoking in terms of realising fate and struggle as this is something that is strongly present within her concepts.

Upon reviewing her work, I am inspired to experiment treating objects as if they were individuals as I find this can bring an interesting twist to how we see objects with the intention of changing our perspective by viewing it from an object’s ‘point of view’.



WooArts ARR (2016) ‘Victoria Ivanova Photography‘ [Online] Available from: (Accessed 03/03/2016)


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