Trip To Italy – Artistic Installation Discoveries

On a recent trip to Italy, I paid a visit to the Vatican Museum which displayed painting and sculptural installation works from various renaissance artists including one of the worlds most famous artists, Michael Angelo.  During the gallery visit, I came across many inspirations that identify form and pattern; these inspirations are influential towards my creative practice in terms of using sculptural methods and how the two dimensional can be transferred with a three dimensional approach.

The Vatican Museum: Fig 1. Vatican Museum Hall



Kengiro Asuma Installations


Inside the museum, I came across a sculptural installation piece titled ‘Goccia d’acqua, ciclo della vita’ presented by Japanese artist Kengiro Asuma.  The sculpture features a golden teardrop shape with hole like fillings indented into the metal.  It sits upon a smooth, dark wooden base, however, an additional wood piece layers over this base in which it gives a rough, uneven surface.  I found this piece particularly interesting as it defines figurative surfaces both smooth and rough as Asuma has merged these elements as one combined piece.  I find this inspires my ideas in terms of using diverse materials and working with layers in installation.


Visit to the Vatican Museum (2016) ‘Goccia d’acqua, ciclo della vita’ Photographed on the 7th April 2016, Rome, Italy


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