The Nude Tin Gallery

When visiting the Nude Tin Gallery in St Albans, Bedfordshire, I discovered some interesting examples of still life photography but also photography that uses other media within a print.  The gallery homes works from emerging artists from sculpture to screen print as well as photography.


Exhibition Opportunities

The gallery welcomes artists to openly exhibit and sell their work through the submission guidelines in which the gallery will accept work of various mediums.  The gallery presents itself as a strong contender in my options for public exhibition as it gives me the option of promoting my work to a further extent in terms of sales and bringing my portfolio into the local public domain.

Further Details

Prices for selling work range between £200-£4000 and size is restricted to 200 x 200cm. there is also an exhibition fee depending on the size of the item intended for display in the gallery.   When submitting work, the images are to be sent to the gallery via email.

Here are the current exhibition dates in which work can be submitted for an art event this year:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.33.51

The gallery presents a nice environment to show photographic work, however, I do find there is restriction on use the galleries facilities other than wall space.  Despite this, I do find this option promising towards my investigation of venue hire.

Artists Discovered: Still life and Other Media Involvement


Kasia Burke

Fig 1. Cream. 2016


Kasia Burke is a local still life food photographer based in the Hertfordshire community.  Her still life images are shot against a completely black background in which the still life sits in full lit view.  Her composition depicts food and dining wear as a messy arrangement (similarly to Letinsky) and Burke uses very harsh light when lighting the still life set.

Burke creates narrative with her images where scrambled food and tipped over objects bring vibrant form which gives the images a warm atmosphere of desire for the food as the lighting brings all objects into full focus.  In some images, Burke creates large mounds of food stacked upon each other, while in others, burke uses more delicacy in placement and directs the lighting from different angles to create further tension.

I find Burke brings an unusual style of photographing objects as she sets out the background as a completely different layer and it is this that supports the contents striking value.  Viewing pitch darkness against harsh light brings effective sound to the image content.


Rebecca Litchfield Bathory


Fig 2. Underworld. Continuing Series

Rebecca Litchfield is a contemporary fine art photographer based in London.  Bathory has featured in various magazines and newspapers including the Guardian, Buzzfeed and Wired.  Litchfield creates atmospheric scenes set in decaying buildings in which she explores ghostly narrative themes that refers to value of place and memory.

Her images often feature individuals of a female lead and Litchfield also uses objects and smoke within her work to create haunting, fantasy scenes.  Litchfield uses soft, ambient lighting as well as supportive artificial lighting to enhance her subjects with intense cinematic quality.  Litchfield brings a romantic presence in her imagery in which she heavily reveals decomposed objects such as furniture and walls in raw, close up detail.

I admire Litchfield for how she reveals the dark side of interior locations but also uses visual effects and the female individual to bring beauty to the environments she explores.  I also find her images bring a sense of absence and presence in which Litchfield brings connection between her still life, interior images and her portrait images of the same location.


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