Still Life – Bowl and Leaf Narrative – Series 6.0

Following my findings of still life photographers including Laura Letinsky, I decided to put to practice a simplistic still life set up where I experiment further with natural resources against a white backdrop.  I still intend to maintain my practice in using man made objects and so for this shoot, I chose to create a basic narrative series focusing on a bowl of water and a leaf.  For this shoot, I wanted to experiment with bringing a man made and natural object together as a development towards my proposed idea of creating a companionship between the man made and natural world.  The narrative series represents investigates further into how bonds can be affected or perhaps broken and then re-established.

Post Production

For the shoot, I used ambient lighting as my intention was to create a soft tonal value to the imagery.

During the editing process, I firstly cropped the images to square landscapes to present even space on either side of the subject.

I also made minor adjustments using the curves tool as the lighting needed slight improvement and I also wanted to create more contrast.



The first image of the series shows the leaf sitting on the edge of the bowl of water.  The water is still and all is peaceful.

The second image of the series sees the water begin to ripple, representing a disturbance is emerging within the companionship.

This image shows the leaf’s disappearance as the water continues to ripple.  This image represents absence and the disconnecting or breaking stage of the companionship.

This image shows the return of the leaf when the water resumes to its calm state.  This image represents the reconnecting stage of the companionship.

This final image of the series shows the bond is re-established and renewed as the leaf is now one with the water in the bowl.

Additional Image

An additional image (separate) from the series featured shows a close up perspective of the leaf resting on the bowls edge.  This image brings a strong composition and gives us more of a personal connection with the leaf.


In conclusion, I have found this series continues to represent my exploration in the theme of acceptance as once again, I find there is observation of bonding developments represented through objects.  I find this series is perhaps too basic visually as a narrative due to its short length, however I find the image content is very precise and sentimental in which we see two to three different elements merging together as a joint fellowship.




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