Beetles and Huxley and Atlas Galleries

Beetles and Huxley Gallery

The Beetles and Huxley Gallery is a leading contributor to the display of contemporary photography.  The gallery is ever changing in which it has hosted exhibitions since its founding in 2010.  Photographers featured previously include Irving Penn as well as many other highly recognised photography practitioners.    Upon my visit to the space, I witnessed the work of Chinese photographer Zhang Kechun where the exhibit features a series of landscape works in which Kechun explores urban moments bringing focus to the Yellow River in China.

This project brought Kechun to navigate along the yellow river to explore its significant place in the Chinese culture in which Kechun captures moments surrounding the river’s banks.  Although it was not his intention, Kechun also identifies the environmental state of the area where he came across issues concerning pollution and modernisation.  His imagery presents the river as a tranquil, open space where Kechun evokes a sense of curiosity as he captures found subjects that rest on the river’s shores.  Various images in the series reveal ruined structures, vehicles, people and oriental monuments that reveal historical and progressing events.  One of his most quaint images titled ‘A Man Standing in the Middle of a River’ (2012) gives an intense perspective of the rivers size as Kechun photographs the subject from a distance.  Another image pays tribute to Chinese figure Mao Zedong in which this image depicts decorative inflatables and an image of Zedong floating within the river alongside supporters.

I find Kechun’s exhibit of this series very compelling and the way he has presented the series as large scale prints allows the viewer to be absorbed into the series where finer details can be recognised in terms of what is happening in the images.  The series presents a raw, saturated quality that brings soft, clean appearance which adds to the setting.  Kechun has approached photographing the river with delicacy and I admire how his use of composition as he creates very silent but also dramatic scenes.

Atlas Gallery: David Drebin Exhibition – Chasing Paradise

David Drebin is a contemporary fine art photographer who captures subjects relating to emotional experiences in which he often portrays cinematic within ‘dreamy’ scenic imagery set in locations from cities to poignant landscapes.

Following his studies in New York, Drebin went on to establish a solo career in which he held his first show in Berlin.  Drebin has become known for his dramatic dreamscapes and has exhibited in many countries across the world.  Within his success, he has also published various books, featured in major art fairs and is represented by high profile galleries including the Camera Work gallery.

I find Drebin brings across a strong theme of beauty in his work that is unique and I admire his use of colour filtering as well as his use of other media including light box technology.  Drebin is an influence towards future projects in which I intend to return to using individuals within subject matter and from the images in this series,  Drebin has influenced my ideas for how to pose an individual against a certain type of background to bring across in depth drama.


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