Still Life – Plantation Narrative – Series 6.5

For the second part of my experiments involving natural still life photography, I chose to photograph several more plant subjects as grouped compositions.  I chose subjects of different textures, colours and form as my intention this time was to test how different subjects appear together when contrasting these elements.  The narrative for this short series presents a similar intention where bonds are made and then change and I also wanted to bring across how bonds are formed in unexpected ways.

Post production

During the editing process, I made simple adjustments including cropping and improving the brightness of the lighting.  I also used the spot healer tool to diminish any unwanted marks in the background. One again, I made these images as wide view landscapes.


I find this image presents the strongest composition and variety in colour.  I chose to use natural resources completely in this still life shoot as I wanted to engage further in the observation of nature within an empty space. Here we see three very different subjects together as a bonded group.

I experimented with taking one subject out at a time and testing different compositions within smaller group images.  For this shot, we see the subjects next to each other.  Here I also tried placing subjects on top of each other.

For this shot, I tested subjects of similar colour pigments to create a matching set.  I find this works well as  I recognise how certain subjects may relate better than others.

For this shot, I tested photographing two subjects to present a more simple one on one bonding relationship between the subjects,  I find this image is slightly weaker as there is less interest due to there being less subjects.


In conclusion, I find this practice has been a successful experiment and I intend to consider exploring this style of photography more in my upcoming major project.  I have found exploring Letinksy’s work very influential within these pieces particularly and I have found it beneficial to practice shooting in this way.  I find this style more simplistic and somewhat laid back as it brings pure observation but still relates a narrative that connects things together.  I find making connections in still life is now becoming a central part of my practice and I find the theme of making connections is crucial in the process of acceptance.


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