Ernesto Neto- Major Installation Influences


Ernesto Neto is a sculpture and installation artist who integrates elements of the 5 senses within large interactive walk through pieces.  His work brings focus on themes relating to nature, man made artefacts and the spiritual world in which he works with a large variety of materials where he induces elements such as scent within the experience.

Following his studies in Brazil, Neto has exhibited internationally in which he has displayed at museums including the Tate Gallery in London and the Guggenheim museum in New York as well as many other artistic establishments.  Neto represented his country in the 2001 Venice Biennale Event and he has also participated in various other biennials and group exhibitions.

Neto’s installations are charmingly engaging as he allows the audience to physically explore space like an alternative world.  Neto transports the viewer by inviting them to interact with the space within a leisurable setting that enables viewers to almost become lost as his works often work similarly to a maze structure.  Neto is often known for an unusual element in his pieces which sees lumps of material mesh hanging from ceiling height creating a rounded sac shape; these have been used in many of Neto’s works including the Anthropodino installation in 2009.

I strongly admire how Neto establishes the interactive element within his pieces and I find that he also brings a sense of freedom and fun to his pieces.  I particularly admire his netting installations where the audience can walk to higher level above ground which brings an exciting new perspective for the viewer.  In works such as ‘Madness is a Part of Life’, Neto brings a jungle gym similarity in these pieces and this makes the installations all the more entertaining.  I am inspired to bring the element of fun toward my Major Project Outcome as I find this will attract more attention in terms of encouraging people to play a role.


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