Reflection Part 1-Staff Initiated Project (1000 Words)

Reflecting on my recent practice, I find my work has developed on an entirely new level in terms of visual content and theme and this has brought me to develop a different genre of photography that brings focus on a variety of subjects.

Practitioners I have found particularly influential towards my practice include Yayoi Kusama and Clare Strand. I admire how Kusama realises her work as a visual, interactive experience and this has motivated me to work on a larger scale.  Clare has influenced my ideas in the observation of simplistic forms in which this has led me to experiment further in exploring geometric form and the everyday necessity.  For example, I found my work progressed well within the ‘Red Box’ series in which I learned to be more selective in colour in all aspects of the image content.  I found this series projected my work in a new direction where I take advantage of the qualities of objects and space as well as in depth meaning.

My visits to the Photographer’s gallery was strongly inspiring towards my ideas development of installation concepts in which I particularly admire Trevor Paglen for his diverse use of media.  From visiting the show, I have learned to be more open to other resources that may involve using a different medium altogether.  I also learned how I could  correlate different media used in relation to my chosen theme.  For example, Paglen featured images of drone’s but he also featured text describing more about them.  This concept helps the audience to become more educated in the subject matter as well as understanding the subject visually.  This influenced my practice when considering other formats that can be used for the Major Project.  For instance, my conceptual idea of using objects within the space as well as their counterpart photographs correlates the images with the ‘real thing’.  I also found Laura El-Tanwany’s piece influential in terms of enhancing the mood of the space by using audio sound and this is something I intend to use within my Final Major exhibition.

During the course of the staff initiated project, I found my experimentation with featuring interior based objects within an exterior environment challenging as I found my range of selected subjects too specific.  Although my final experiment of this worked well within the ‘Red Box’series, I found it difficult to consider how I would develop the concept further within a narrative sense.   Speaking with photographer Maxine Beuret was beneficial towards processing my ideas of considering and researching further opportunities involved with the Arts Council England.  For example, setting the exhibition in a public resource space presented was another possible objective in which the installation acts as a space with regards to its environment.   Overall, I found this first short project gave me satisfactory practice in still life photography based outdoors and this has encouraged me to try something new with the exclusion of the individual as a subject matter.




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