Inspirations From Media Narratives: Televised Drama ‘Thirteen’

BBC Three’s recent psychological drama ‘Thirteen‘ follows the story of a girl who has escaped her kidnapper and returned home in which this leading character re-adjusts to ordinary life.  However, developments concerning her case provoke further events to occur.

The scenes in this drama provoke an intense observation of how life threatening events has affected the character’s mental well being in which the drama gives a deep analysis of the character’s relationships with others.  We also see how the character retraces her steps upon her return in terms of her relationship with her own belongings in which we witness the character’s anxiety when recognising these items.

As well as developing characters, I find this drama also highlights how one reacts to objects of important meaning and this influences my concept ideas of realising an objects significance.  For example, one scene which presents another character creating a visual drawing for the detective establishes the crucial element of possibility in which another piece solves the puzzle.  I intend to bring this element across in my own practice toward my visual essay as I find this will develop further conceptual development when concerning the ‘object’ subject matter.  As a part of my own concept, I intend to represent the object as an equal character (in its own way) where the individual is provoked to interact with it as if it is a living thing.

This drama has strongly influenced my conceptual ideas of setting the scene in which I find the suburban setting a fitting environment for conflictive, realistic drama.


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BBC IPlayer (2016) ‘Thirteen-Homepage’ [Online] Available from: (Accessed 27/03/2016)


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