Reflection Part 2-Self Directed Project (1000 Words)

Reflecting on my self directed project, I have found exploring installation and photography as a combined concept an exciting investigation towards how I push the boundaries in presenting work within the public space.

In the early stages of this project, my experiments of photographing the ‘ball’ object echo my geometric experiments of observing the ‘box’ object during the staff initiated project.  I found co-ordinating the materials for these experiments challenging as I found it difficult upon selecting suitable objects within a suitable background.  My first two experiments seen as the ‘Blue Ball’ series involving using patterned materials as a supporting background brought me to question the significance of the background content in relation to the main subject matter as this was unclear. I found the later experiments using a plain matching background material worked more harmoniously as this resumed my intentions of producing attractive colour contrast to bring across balanced visual content.

My strongest influences towards my practice include Victoria Ivanova and Laura Letinksy as I find these artists communicate well in using narrative concepts in still life that brings the object themselves to life. I was distinctly inspired to use the ‘less is more’ initiative in which my practice involved putting things in and taking them out again.  For example, I find my narrative development was largely improved in ‘The Pebble and the Acorn’ series and this helped me to understand  visual story telling in more depth.  I find this series was the most engaging and as visual pieces, I find the series works well because it makes the viewer think differently about ordinary items.  This practice also allowed me to bring focus to natural specimens, thus taking the opposite intention of photographing nature as a space but instead as an item.    The process of ‘placing’ and ‘replacing’ made the practice more interesting as my images changed frequently in which this assisted in conducting development in the story telling.  I also found I held more control over the scene as instead of choosing my location for the setting, I was able to make it independently.  This enabled me to consider further opportunities to change my subject matter as I wish.

Gallery visits including the Nude Tin gallery were particularly inspirational towards my practice in terms of managing aspects in photography involving lighting and technique.  i found my visit to this gallery also offers me further opportunity to promote my work as a freelance photographer.  Making my investigation into participating within local arts communities has given me further encouragement to enter into competitions and events as well as making engagements in the business side of the photographic industry.

Overall, I find this project has developed my learning of exact preparations towards organising an exhibit as a freelance photographer and I find my practice has taken to a level where I can recognise my own unique style in still life photography.  My final chosen theme which explores ‘Acceptance’ will also be a partner theme with my previous concept exploring ‘Sanctuary’.   I find both these themes would work well as a combined concept as they both consist of similar elements.


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