Narrative Sequence ‘Black Box’ Production

The story for my narrative brings focus on two subjects: a single individual and a box. The story follows the developments of the individual’s keeping of the object in which the individual tries to resist temptation to open it.  Revealed inside is the identity they desire.  This sequence has been photographed capturing the subjects movements frame by frame in which I have selected key actions of the individual as he takes the steps to retrieve his longing for truth.  This sequence was photographed using ambient lighting and I have chosen to use a male lead.

Contact Sheets-All Images

Post Production:

I have chosen to feature the images as a black and white series as I intend to avoid having elements in the background causing distraction in the content.  During the editing process in Photoshop, I firstly cropped the images and used the saturation tool to take away colour completely.  I also used the spot healer tool to diminish any unwanted marks on the subject matter.

I then used the curves, brightness and contrast tool to enhance the lighting and exposure of the subject matter.  This was to bring more depth in the shadows particularly as the setting is intended to be quite intense and edgy.

I also made other adjustments where I made slight enhancement of clarity to refine detail.  For one of the images which depicts the ring object inside the box, I used the smudge tool to create a blurred illusion effect.  My intention of this was to add a visually uncanny presense to the object.

Black Box Narrative Storyboard (32 Images):

Other still life images of the box will be featured throughout the series to give balance within the visual content in which the viewer sees both subjects together and then transcends to a viewing of the box alone.  These images refer to all objects present in the scene and establishes the dark character to the box object through use of intense lighting.

I found shooting this sequence quite challenging as I was working within a confined space with only two subjects to focus the narrative on.  However, I am confident that this series brings across the theme and this has developed my skills in taking the initiative to delve deep into creating a narrative when involving subjects of a small number.

Exhibition Ideas

If I were to feature the series as a gallery installment, I would use the two images of the preceding objects found inside the box to encourage the viewer to participate in a physical activity.  The viewer would be asked to choose one of the objects that the character in the series should take and so cards will be provided for the viewer to note down their choice and place this inside the actual thing.  The box would be featured within the viewing space as an additional installment relating to this aspect of the series. The viewer would be asked which one they choose and why they chose it?  This activity would be intended to give the audience the opportunity to consider what they would do if they were placed in the same position as the leading character in the narrative.  This would bring more immersive quality to the series as an interactive piece as well as a visual one.


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