Exhibitions Part 2- Flowers Gallery and Rochini Gallery

Flowers Gallery – Boomoon

Boomoon. ‘Skogar and Sansu’ 2016

Korean Fine Art photographer Boomoon presents the series ‘Skogar and Sansu’ in the Flowers gallery, London.  The series brings a collection of large scale prints depicting the movements of a waterfall both in colour and in black and white.

Following his studies in photography at the Chung-Ang University, Boomoon began his photographic career exploring the urban street environment in which he observed narratives involving the community and the endangered world in Korea.  Boomoon received some controversial judgements following his series ‘Photo Poems’, however, this ono strengthened Boomoon to delve deeper into worldly encounters of social modernisation but also nature.  Following his documentary work set within endangered villages in Korea, Boomoon began to focus more intensely on landscapes  as a way to express reflection and to emanate the concept of presence and absence.  Key works such as ‘On the Clouds’ explore nature with sentimental value and emphasises on the very existence of nature at its purest.

‘Skogar and Sansu’ brings a new approach to how one views water where Boomoon allows the audience to identify with water as a life form that is continuous in the state of falling.  The waterfalls in the series are placed from the exact same position and the only thing that we can see change in the images is how the water moves; in some images we see a mist of water vapour in the air as the water crashes to the bottom while other images show the waterfall with more clarity.  Boomoon captures the element of water at its most natural state and concentrates on nothing else.  We are not only able to see how the water falls but we are also able to see a second type of movement seen in the waves created from the waterfall.  Boomoon creates intense contrast in these images which highlights the various arrow like forms seen within the waterfall.

I find the series brings a sense of tranquility but also of power when viewing this natural form where Boomoon is aware of the element of rhythm.  I particularly admire his fuse of the blue colour filter when presenting waterfalls as well as other snowy landscape imagery where he captures the movement of falling snow.

Rochini Gallery – Massimo Vitali


Italian photographer Massimo Vitali is a returning influence to my creative practice when observing both people and landscapes together as a harmonious collaboration.  The exhibition in the Rochini gallery presents several large prints of large tourist gatherings in Italy.  Upon viewing these large pieces, I find myself almost lost in the image as there is a lot to take in.  Countless people and events happening in one picture all at once is something that Vitali is well known for and I still admire how he gives the audience a distanced perspective that is far away enough to witness everything but close enough to pick out individual activities for the viewer to guess what is happening.

However, these images were not the only thing that caught my attention. One other image is completely opposite to Vitali’s usual observation of crowded spaces.  The image ‘Lencois Achrome’ depicts an empty landscape with only sand and sky as the central subject matter with not a single person in sight.  This image appears very pale and presents a cleaner style of voyeuristic photography in comparison to Vitali’s other images featuring people.  There is a much greater sense of space as the audience is open to observe as far as possible into the unknown distance.

I find Vitali’s images with less people bring more devotion to sensual experience which brings a ‘less is more’ perspective where the viewer can concentrate on particular aspects that is not too overwhelming.


I have found visiting these galleries has brought me a variety of different views and experiences.  I found the galleries where I received most influence was the works within the Parasol Unit gallery and the Flowers gallery in which I have particular interest in the works of Boomoon and Stephen Shore.  Both artists present landscape in different ways; while Shore presents a perspective of how we occupy the landscape occupied as living space, Boomoon presents a perspective of landscape with no disturbance.  This has been useful toward my practical development where I can experiment with simplifying my subject matter as well as creating images of a collage nature.


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