‘Photo of The Week’ and Week Review

David Claerbout ‘KING’, 1956, 3D Animation presented in 2015, Parasol Unit Gallery

Within the Parasol Unit gallery, David Claerbout presents a 3-dimensional experience that observes one of the world’s greatest music icons in history, Elvis Presley.  The image which was first photographed in 1956 captures the music ‘King’ in a relaxed home setting before Elvis reached fame.  The experience takes the viewer on an intimiate tour of Elvis’s body from various angles with the camera slowly zooming in from his feet and zooming out from his just above the torso.  The 3-dimensional image was created by gathering together a collection of original images taken by Alfred Wertheimer observing different parts of Elvis’s body.  I found the experience of viewing this 3-dimensional image the most uncanny piece in the exhibition as I felt it brought a sense that there was more to learn from this image.  The experience makes the viewer feel as if they are going to witness something unexpected or a change of positions in the image, similarly to that of a freeze frame photograph.  I, personally felt as if I were waiting for a reveal but it never came and I find this psychologically challenging in some sense.

The Week Review

To review my progress of my recent activities, I feel I have made a good start in terms of researching work by visiting shows in London.  Doing this has given me new potential ideas of how I can interpret nature and objects by executing basic narratives.  Upon sharing my ideas in tutorial, I have gathered new additional plans of participating in studio workshops as I intend to put my ideas to practice while also learning more about the basic principles of studio photography.  This will be useful in determining how I intend to light my subject matter when shooting the narrative.

I now intend to begin phase 1 of my photographic practice in which I have two ideas of progressing with the theme of the four natural elements;

Idea 1: Using fabric material to represent the natural elements – This idea will involve observing the movement of fabric material in which I intend to experiment with various methods such as the material in the air and capturing its form as a suspended object.  I have chosen to use fabric as I find it will work as a flexible item where I can change its form manually.  I will first begin with the element of water and use a blue fabric to represent this and I shall use a plain white background to bring complete focus on the subject matter.  I shall later experiment with portraiture by featuring an individual in this experiment by interacting with the fabric.

Idea 2: Simple gestures with forms of the natural elements  – This idea will involve placing objects within a blank white space and have the individual uses their senses to interact with the element of that object.  I intend for the narrative of this to pursue the narrative stages accurately as said in my proposal in which these include the uncertain stage, the experimental stage, the emotional stage, the discovery stage and the acceptance stage.  I intend for the individual to perform the senses including touch and smell as well as performing other gestures such as closing the eyes or lying down.  These gestures are intended to represent how the elements affect the individual in both body and mind where I shall interpret this by creating a spiritual atmosphere where the individual is in touch with their personal being.

These ideas shall be the foundation of my developmental narrative process where my first focus will be on how the being relates to the elements through direct contact.


ARR David Claerbout (2016) ‘Video Projections‘ {Online} Available from: http://www.davidclaerbout.com (Accessed 23/07/2016)

ARR Parasol Unit Gallery (2016) ‘Magical Surfaces: The Uncanny in Contemporary Photography‘ {Online} Available from: http://www.parasol-unit.org (Accessed 23/07/2016)


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