‘Photo of the Week’ and Week Review


This week’s photo is a quick test experiment which features portraiture and suspended still life.  My intention for this experiment was to develop an idea of how I could use fabric and give it character by capturing its movement while also capturing the individual. I used myself for this experiment and plain white fabric as the subject matter against a plain wall in an interior space.

I find this image presents a haunting atmosphere which I find quite surprising; I feel transferring the image to black and white really brought out the ghostly theme, however this is not a theme I am intending to pursue, however I would like to bring some sense of ambiguity or an element of the unknown to my still life experiments.  I think the composition is off but in some sense, I find it works well and the form of the fabric also appears quite abstract. I am uncertain if I shall take this experiment further, however, I intend to experiment with fabric more but perhaps with a different approach.

Weekly Review

This week I have made slow progress in putting my ideas to practice, however I do feel I taken made a crucial move step forward in how I intend to photograph the four elemental forms together with portraiture.  I am currently visualising my forthcoming studio practice to appear very simplistic in terms of how I shall present the natural forms as well as posing the model.  I felt I needed to test my ideas of this by playing with each form individually for basic observation to produce early practice in terms of the still life composition. So far, I have experimented with movement to represent the power of air and how this affects very light materials such as fabric and my most recent experiment has involved producing simple still life observations of water, earth and instruments to produce fire.  For this I have decided to play with both dim and harsh lighting to also see how the natural forms appear in different lighting moods.

My aim now is to continue practice with still observation but to also move forward in introducing interaction with an individual.  Before I move onto this stage however, I intend to produce at 2-3 still life experimental photo shoots so I have a clear plan of how I will photograph the still life with the model.  I intend to experiment with dark backgrounds as well as white backgrounds within an interior setting. I may also try creating images relating to interior spaces where elements such as earth or water can be found in everyday spaces.






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