Aaron Tilley – Still Life

A. Tilley. Pen and Shirt Still Life. 2016

Still life photographer Aaron Tilley uses echoes the work of Fischli Weiss as he plays with ordinary items to create visual situations of spontaneity; things that are about to happen. Tilley has worked various clients for advertising including the Guardian, GOOGLE and Addidas.

Tilley presents his subject matter against simple backgrounds in which he often uses two tone colours to create a vibrant appearance to compliment ordinary subjects.  This brings a nice contrast between the simplistic hues of the subject matter that also brings more emphasis on shape in the background.  The way Tilley presents his subjects captures variety and suspense in how he addresses to the viewer that the object(s) are about to undergo a quick journey.  Tilley captures the moment objects fall, tip and break where the he allows the audience to predict the outcome of the image they see.  ‘In Anxious Anticipation’ observes objects within an opaque settings Tilley uses tools to set the scene.  The series observes elements of balance, gravity in a sense where Tilley almost brings a sense of scientific experimentation, except the viewer already knows the outcome.  Tilley also works with objects by representing communication as he creates images featuring objects that link together such as wires and string in a setting where he is playful with the elements of shape and direction.  For example, in some images, Tilley places points where a wire could wrap around to cross into a different angle , almost as if to create a diagram.

Tilley brings unique visualisation in his observation of ordinary items where he brings a sense of waiting that is almost frustrating as there is no continuation in terms of narrative.  His images are individual and they do not lead the viewer anywhere as they will have already guessed it.   However, this does not mean to say that there is a lack of narrative as it is Tilley’s intention to present the story in one picture. I am keen to take influence from Tilley into my own work. As I have recently worked in a low key setting, I am intrigued to try creating a lighter setting where I can experiment with colour and creatively constructing a visual scene.


Copyright Aaron Tiley (2016) ‘All Work-Info‘ {Online} Available from: http://www.aarontilley.com (Accessed 06/07/2016


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