‘Photo Of the Week’ and Week Review

Rut Blees Luxemburg

R.B Luxemburg. ‘In Deeper’

German photographer Rut Blees Luxembourg is a photographer who usually captures her subjects at night within urban street environments.  Following her studies in photography in London, Luxembourg became well known for her monograph prints in which her work has been featured in various publishments.  In 2009, ‘Commonsensual’ was published by Black Dog alongside a featured essay by Regis Durand.

This image titled ‘In Deeper’ (1999) captures the gloomy glow of the street lights reflected onto a wet flight of steps.  What has captured my attention about this image is Luxembourg’s use of composition as well as lighting to create an atmosphere that is intimidating but also entrancing.  The image leads the viewer’s eye to the distant view of the street corner in which this establishes a sense of mystery as there is an unknowing element of what is around the corner.  Luxembourg gives the viewer a discreet perspective as we can only see a small area of the street from around a lonely corner.  This gives us a sense that this is an area one may not want to find themselves; the dark mood this image possesses could suggest potential narratives involving criminal business and watching someone or waiting to meet someone.  This image has reminded me of other potential ways I could capture natural elements within urban as well as natural environments but is has also provided me with further ideas of using light itself as a natural element within my practice.  This is something I may also potentially intend to explore as well as the other four main natural elements at a later stage.

Weekly Review


This week I have continued my practice with still life in which I have taken influence from still life photographer Aaron Tilley.  This experiment has been a success and it has been interesting to recreate Tilley’s style within my own conceptual practice.  To develop my ideas further, I have also created map diagrams for each element where this has been useful toward highlighting potential ideas I may involve within my working methods:

I found the way in which I worked with the backgrounds particularly motivating during the process as this differs from how I usually work with one single background that does not change. There is still lack of narrative in my images, however I feel I have a clear idea of how I intend to proceed with my photography and this will involve further studio practice and then interior practice before moving forward into portraiture and the phase 2 stage of the project.  The next element I intend to explore is ‘Air’ and I shall work within a studio environment using high key lighting.


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