‘Photo of the Week’ and Week Review



My photo of the week gives tribute to the equipment I have used recently which includes the Nikon D810 camera in which I used the 55mm fixed lens and also the 24-85mm range lens.  I have found my most recent still life photo sessions successful in terms of learning how to get specific type of lighting using certain equipment and this has been very useful to developing my knowledge further of photography cameras and other equipment.

When shooting the feather to represent the element of ‘Air’, I found using the fixed lens changed the way I observed the subject matter both at a distance and up close.  As I could not zoom in, this allowed me to be more free with moving around my subject matter and experimenting with different perspectives.  This also encouraged me to step away from using the tripod.

Switching from constant lighting to flash lighting was also a new step forward in the best type of lighting I could potentially use for my final piece.  Using constant lighting was a good method of photographing simplistic subject matter, however, I found there was a lot more opportunities when using flash to create more intriguing effects such bouncing light from different directions and using coloured gels.  There is no particular preference, however, I have learned that using flash lighting has been the more challenging activity.  This has given me more understanding of how I could bring across a theme simply through the lighting.

Week Review

This week, I have come to the end of my still life experimentation and my final step to complete this stage is to test my experimentation within a portrait photo shoot.  I have decided to experiment with portraiture against a white or black background or perhaps both to finalise which suits best to use for my final piece.  However this will not determine what the objects will be for the final piece.  I shall now begin phase two which will see experimentation with light as an additional natural element within interior as well as exterior suburban environments.


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