Symposium: At the Forefront

This week in Symposium, I have been analysing what currently lies at the forefront of the photography field.  This analysis is intended to observe current work by other practitioners in the photography industry particularly bringing attention to what techniques, technology and styles of photography others are using now.

William Eggleston Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London

American photographer William Eggleston is currently hosting a show at the National Portrait Gallery in London which brings a broad display of his works spanning from the 1960’s to present.  Eggleston is largely recognised for his experimentation with colour photography and brings a vintage style to his images.  This event lies at the forefront of my field as it re establishes previous works from Eggleston as popular galleries continue to highlight Eggleston as a leading photographer in the modern photographic industries.  The collection is unique as Eggleston invites the audience to review his work as a whole and this is something that is common within galleries as we are encouraged look again and again at the work of our heroes.

Wolfgang Tillmans Exhibition at Maureen Paley Gallery, London

German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans is also currently hosting at the Maureen Paley Gallery in London.  Tillmans creates works with a fine art, documentary style in which he works with still life, portraiture and abstract printing.  In 2000, Tillmans became the first to win the Turner prize and has since gained high recognition in the creative world.  He has also been commissioned for various fashion and lifestyle magazines including I-D.  This event lies at the forefront of my field for similar reasons to that of Eggleston but also because Tillmans is using projection to display his imagery.  This is also a common way to display images which brings an inventive method of immersing the audience into the image by blacking out everything else.


‘Unseen’ Photography Fair in Amsterdam

The ‘Unseen’ Photo Fair annually takes place in Amsterdam inviting international artists and photographers from around the world to present new and emerging work.  Founded by the magazine company FOAM, ‘Unseen’ brings together ultimate collections of printed archives where visitors can explore the book market, attend lectures and share inspiration.  This ultimately lies at the forefront of my field as it presents a wide collection and range of activities involving current photography to a large extent.  The event takes place between the 23rd-25th September and I plan to attend during this time.



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