Phase 2 Practice: ‘From The Inside’ Interior Space Experimentation

Upon entering the second phase of my project, this week I am exploring the interior personal space through self portraiture.  For this practice, I have placed my focus on natural light while creating a short test narrative of how the individual longs to explore outside but expresses anxiety and fear.  I have taken this approach to experiment with how the natural element of light could be used as a key source that attracts the individual’s attention in terms of seeking a way out.  This is intended to represent the notion of hope in a situation where the individual feels trapped.  To create this series, I positioned the camera at a far corner of the space at a slightly high perspective to allow visibility of as much room space as possible.  I chose not to feature the window itself as my intention is to maintain a sense of the unknown where the audience can ponder what the individual is looking at outside.

Contact Sheets

During post production, I enhanced the images by adjusting the saturation and colour temperature of the images as well as cropping and adjusting the lighting using the curves tool.

This photograph shows the individual hugging a pillow as they gaze out to the outside world.

This image sees the individual turned away from the interior window, however the individual is still somewhat uncertain but also curious about what lies beyond beyond the interior space.

This final photograph has the individual address the presence of the viewer while sitting in a tight position so as to represent how the individual is tied between the interior space and the outside.


In conclusion to this experiment, this style of photography is reminiscent to the work of Gregory Crewdson, a cinematic photographer I have previously observed.  Similarly to Crewdson, I am bringing full attention to the individual within an isolated space where there is a sense of sentimentality.  The images may be too simplistic and there is barely any interaction with a particular object which takes a step back from still life and portraiture as a combined representation, however, my objective to explore portraiture within the interior space has been realised and the element of ‘light’ alone as a natural source brings good potential for future experiments.  However, I have decided to dismiss this experiment as a contender for the final major outcome and continue practice in the studio space as I intend to control the light with more intensity.


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