‘Photo of the Week’ and Week Review

A portrait photographed by Nadav Kander, this image depicts a close encounter with the HRH Prince of Wales which was featured in the 2013 Time magazine publication as the cover image.  What struck me about this image in particular was the intensity of His Majesty’s expression as he maintains a serious yet gentle gaze directly into the viewers eye.  The colouring of the image is well toned as the navy coloured background matches that of His Majesty’s attire and his eyes.  Kander captures the Prince of Wales powerfully as he acknowledges elements of stature as well as vulnerability in human nature; Time magazine presented the title of this photographic feature as ‘The Forgotten Prince’ which is suggestive of His Majesty’s status perhaps on a more personal level.  The way Kander has lit the image brings a complimentary soft appearance to His Majesty’s face, creating a rounded effect that separates him from the background.  An outlined shadow can be seen around the Prince and the overall hue of the image is cold but also rich in colour pigmentation.  I admire this image for its strong connection with the audience as Kander captures the Prince quite emotionally that is compelling and honest.

Week Review

This week, I have come to the end of Phase 1 and I shall now begin photographing objects with the individual in studio to prepare for the final piece.  I have decided to explore the theme of ‘Freedom’ for my final major outcome, with ‘Air’ as the natural element within the portrait series and installation.  My previous still life photo shoot of feathers is the concept which I shall bring forward where I shall photograph feathers once again while also using narrative story telling.  If successful,  feathers would be used as the featured items for the interactive aspect of the installation.  The use of feathers as the main installation interaction is also safe and manageable.

I have chosen to use ‘Freedom’ brings forward other related aspects to ideas of air bound activity or flight that involves the individual’s personal development in the narrative.  In terms of narrative, I could relate items to the individual by creating a conceptual story of freedom that empowers the individual with a bonding relationship to a natural element.  I originally proposed to also feature soft seating within the floor area of installation space; I may still pursue this, however, I do not intend to devalue the experience by limiting the mobility of the audience within the space.  My next steps to plan for this idea is to find a suitable, enclosed space and to begin practice for the final studio photo shoot during the course of the next two weeks.  As I am also still in Phase 2, further experiments may involve photographing other natural forms and environments such as the sky.  This may also be something that could also potentially contribute towards the final theme.


ARR Gosee (2016) ‘Severin Wendeler: Nadav Kander for Times Magazine‘ {Online} Available from: http://www.gosee.us (Accessed 01/08/2016)

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