Phase 2 Practice: Light Trail Photography Experimentation

Set Up and Techniques

Before moving forward into phase 3 with my portraiture and still life practice, I decided to pursue one final experiment to oversee other ideas and test their potentiality as a possible idea to bring forward for the final major outcomes.  For this experiment, I have chosen to practice creating light trails to surround the individual as a way to create illusional interaction with the natural element forming a representation of the individual discovering a spiritual ability.  To set the scene, I used large poly boards to flag out the black background completely and stood the lights facing onto the subject from a side position, facing away from the background.  By using a slow shutter speed and an in camera timer, I drew the light trails using a small torch while standing behind the subject within the shadows so the actions of the light drawing process would not be visible in the images.

Contact Sheets

Experimental Outcomes

This image is my best result from this experiment.  I posed the individual to appear as if they were conjuring the light themselves to bring about an immortal presence to the viewer.  However, this image is still somewhat crude as the lighting is slightly weak and the image appears blurry in some areas.

To conclude this brief experimental practice, I have decided not to take this experiment further as a concept for the final major outcome.  This experiment has put to the test other possible elements that could be used to relate more performance as a narrative, however, this has proved to be too complex of an idea to bring forward in terms of technical arrangement and also due to the limitations of space.


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