‘Photo of the Week’ and Week Review

My photo of the week presents a sneak peek of my final major outcome.  I have decided for my final piece to use light as the key natural element in the photographic series where the individual is mentally challenged.  For this final photo shoot, I shall use small objects to act as a source of light energy for the individual to interact with in the narrative.  My plan is to create a dark, intense concept that establishes a story which sees the individual searching for a path out of the darkness towards a large source of light.  I have chosen to once again capture this narrative within the studio space where I shoot against a black background and create a direct pathway of light to fall upon the subject.  This pathway of light will act as the destination where the individual wishes to go.  The story will see the personal developments of the character as she finds a way out in which the moral of the story will represent how there is always a way to a better place when placed in difficult situations.  The concept will also represent how inner power is encouraged occasionally through dark experiences and the character is intended to eventually find this light and seek the answer.

This week has proved difficult to come to terms with deciding upon a final concept for the narrative series. However I feel this approach to the final artefact will give a stronger initiative in terms of bringing across a message to the audience that is motivational and cinematic.  The next stage is to complete production by executing two separate photo shoots firstly for the still life and then portraiture in which I may potentially present the outcomes from each photo shoot as individual images alongside each other within the series.


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