Phase 3 Practice: Final Shoot Part 1

For my final portrait photo shoot, I have chosen to produce a narrative series where the natural (or artificial) element of light represents the bonding source of energy the individual strives for.  In the story, the individual is lost in the darkness with nothing but a torch to guide her way.  I have chosen to use the torch as the main interactive object in the narrative because it is a practical tool where the light can be used with ease and it also gives an output of light that is just right.  Throughout the story, the individual is content with the torch but is curious to investigate the larger light source shining ahead. The individual eventually decides to had towards it but is there something that she has forgotten as she ventures out of the darkness?

Contact Sheets

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Post Production

During post production, I made slight adjustment to the temperature and general exposure of the images by using the saturation and curves tool.  I also used the spot healing tool to erase any markings in the image.  As I was using a range of harsh and soft reflective lighting, dust particles became more visible in the air and so the background needed particular attention during this process.

Final Portrait Outcomes

This image sees the individual directly addressing the audience as the torch lies on the floor behind her.  As the individual’s story takes place in a dark place with no particular surroundings, I chose to create a pose that would give some awareness of the viewer to build a connection that encourages the viewer to follow her into her dark world.

This image shows the individual’s first encounter with the light as she looks ahead while shining the torch.  This image definitely brings a sense of anxiety in her expression and through her body language as she appears to stand frozen in place as if she is afraid to move.  At the same time however, her eyes bring across a sense of hypnotism and curiosity of this unknown light.

This image also shows a sense of curiosity as she continues to watch the light ahead.  Once again, her body language visually reads that she is both nervous and longing to find out where this light is coming from.  Here she could potentially be thought to be considering what would happen if she was to head towards it.

This image sees the individual take a courageous step towards the light being cautious as she proceeds.

In this image, the individual struggles to find a way out; no matter how close she gets, the light only becomes farther away.  The individual is feeling lost and hopeless as she sits on the floor, waiting for something or someone to find her.  She is about to give up but as she looks down at the torch, she is also reminded that she still has something to keep her going.

The individual begins to get up and overcomes her inner darkness to try again.

In this image the individual comes across a small item on the floor.  Picking it up, she realises it is a small acorn.  This image represents the acorn as a sign of hope for the individual as she realises it has come from earth.  This image breaks down the barrier of the alienation of the space she searches in as she discovers something that is familiar to both her and the viewer.

After wondering around in the darkness for so long, the individual finally discovers the exit to a special place.  This image represents the ultimate interaction between the young girl and the light energy.  Her body language displays how she is no longer afraid and is now ready to venture out into the light and a new world.

Additional images

These final images displays how the individual is one with the light and has found inner peace with herself as the bond between her and the natural element is complete.  Her journey has only just begun…

This single image shows the individual in new costuming and also features the lantern instead of the torch as a companion.  This image is effective in lighting and contrast and there is a strong sense of drama and emotional value that expresses an element of depression.  However, this image does not link well with the other preceding images and so I have chosen not to feature this within the final installation.


In conclusion to this final series of portraits, the outcomes are a lot stronger in comparison to my previous photo shoot.  My decision to use light itself to represent the natural source of energy was a good choice and this gave me more opportunity to work with lighting in a diverse way.  The lighting is particularly strong in the final portraits where the light is shining from behind to create a soft semi silhouette around the individual.  These images are the most captivating as they bring a nice halo effect around the individual which is suggestive of her innocent character.  In these last portraits there is a lack of continuity as the individual’s clothes have changed, despite this, the overall look of the images are very dream like and tranquil as we focus full attention on the ‘being’ of this person alone.

As for the rest of the series, there is definitely a vast range of images to choose from and so I may consider selecting particular images rather than using all of them as I find some images present better narrative quality than others.  My next step is to complete the still life photography to go alongside with the portraits where I shall be using more than one object as a key element in the story.


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