Final Ideas and Decisions

Following my final interpretation for my final artefact, I currently intend to enhance the installation space to match the dark atmosphere of the final images.  My approach to this will require using other materials to contribute to the immersive experience I aim to achieve.

Narrative Series

As I have produced serrate outcomes for both still life and portraiture photography, I have chosen to feature the images within the space as a wall collage photo display.  I plan to have the images of different sizes within grouped sets where they would be spread out as a collage arrangement rather than to be viewed as a consecutive display.  I have chosen to do this because as my final images represents a diverse range of content, this will make the installation of the images more visually interesting.

Installation Space

Following my recent visit to the National Portrait Gallery,  I also hope to change the colour of the wall and floor space to a dark pigment such as black or a dark grey to match the dark shadowy content within the images.  I am eager to pursue this as it will further address the theme relating to aspects of darkness and this will also contribute to the immersive experience where it could have the audience feel as if they are also standing within a dark place.

Additional Features

For viewers to play an interactive role within the installation space, I have devised an idea that particularly focuses on each light source seen within the photographic series; the Torch, the Lantern and the Lightbulb.  The question would ask which of each of the light sources they would choose to find their way out of a darkness.  The audience would be provided with cards to write down their answer and these answers can be placed inside a box.  I may consider featuring the objects themselves within the space to stand atop a plinth or perhaps feature images of the objects alongside the question as a visual reference.

At this stage, these final decisions are still provisional as this current stage, however, I am eager to follow through with these ideas.


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