Promotional Video

To create my promotional video, I shall be addressing the viewer directly against a dark background and I shall also feature several images from my Final Artefact series throughout the video.  I have chosen to present the video similarly to a trailer where I shall present an emotional atmosphere where I shall bring focus to the story of the photographs and the message it brings as well as featuring cinematic music.

During the editing process, I used the opacity tool to create fade in/out effects between each segment of the video content.  I have done this to bring further emphasis on the dark mood within the film.

Video Script 

”For my final project, I have chosen to explore the theme of ‘Freedom’ which represents both ‘Sanctuary and Acceptance’ as key elements within the theme.  This has led me to take a vast range of approaches where I am looking at the natural world and the man made world.

All of us occasionally feels trapped or anxious about going for something in life and a lot of the time, there may be something that is holding us back.  My aim is to represent this through portraiture and still life photography as a narrative series of digital images.  The narrative for this series focuses on one individual and an object.  In the story, the individual is searching for a light to find their way out of the darkness and the only thing they have as a small source of light is an objet such as a torch or a lamp.

This person is desperate to find their way out and to develop a bond with the natural element of light.  The moral of the story is to bring a message that there is always a path to follow. It’s like they say, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that’s what this concept is all about.  It’s about finding the inner strength to move forward to something better.

My intention is to create an emotional experience to bring across the struggles that we all go through sometimes when we are up against something that is bigger than we are. The narrative is not just about finding our way to get to where we want to be.  It is also about appreciating hat we have available to us as a source of energy than can help us get to our destination.

And where would we be without light.  Without light, we probably wouldn’t even be here, nothing would grow and we wouldn’t be able to see. If anything, light is perhaps the most important energy source out of all of the natural elements.

Without light, nothing would exist.”

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ARR Bensound Royalty Free Music Copyright (2016) ‘November‘ Available at: (Accessed 23/08/2016)


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