‘Photo of the Week’ and Week Review

D. Dolron. ‘Xteriors’. 2001-Present

This week’s ‘Photo of the Week’ observes photographic Dutch photographer Desiree Dolron who creates staged photography within interior spaces.  Also working as a photojournalist, Dolron’s work has been featured at the Guggenheim Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  Dolron also regularly works as a photojournalist as well as working with conceptual narrative photography.  This image from her series ‘Xteriors’ depicts women wandering within interior hallways.  The length of the space is suggestive that this series is set within a wealthy victorian house as the women’s appearance reflects a victorian style and the general atmosphere presents an old fashioned quality.  This image is particularly intriguing as it demonstrates a scene that is in limbo.  As the woman gazes out of a window in the distance, a second woman watches her as she passes through the hallway.  It appears as though this second woman was searching for her or perhaps has spontaneously found her in a moment of solitude.  The mood of the images in this series is quite dark and depressing as Dolron uses low key lighting and dull colours with both the space and the individuals who walk through it.  There is also a sense of perfection with the characteristics of the subject matter as there are no items or furniture in the space and there isn’t a hair out of place with the women’s appearance.

I admire Dolron for how she brings across this haunting feel to her images that is compelling and almost intimidating as the figures she uses present themselves in a dark, overly controlled manner that is uncannily suspicious.  I also admire Dolron’s inspiration from traditional painting as her use of soft lighting gives her visuals a textured appearance that could almost be mistaken for a painting rather than a photographic image.

Week Review

In review of this week’s progress, I am now ready to begin the production stage of the project installation. My next step is to research into my options of framing or mounting in which I aim to gather the materials needed over the course of the next week.  My intention is to create an impact with the images as they bring a dark, alluring theme so I am keen to use frames for the presentation.  However, this depends on how the frames compliment the images for if they do not, I shall mount the images onto foam board as a secondary plan.  I would also like to provide an artists statement within the viewing space of the installation.


ARR Photomuseum Den Haag (2016) ‘Desiree Dolron‘ [Online] Available from: http://www.fotomuseumdenhaag.nl (Accessed 24/08/2016)


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