Installation Production

Following the completion of the final series, I have chosen an open space consisting of three large walls with additional wall space at the entrance.  I have decided to choose a selection of the images so most but not all images will be featured in the final display. As the space is quite large, I have decided to divide the space into two sections; one side will feature the photography series and the other side will feature the question box in which I intend to place this on a table or plinth.  For the question box which asks the audience which tool of light they would use themselves, will present a black theme where all contributing components will be black.  I aim to cover the plinth with a satin cloth and the box will also be black.  Paper pencils will be provided for viewers to post inside the box.


Gallery Space

Installation Wall Diagrams

Below are three different diagrams depicting potential placement of the images. I have chosen to feature two larger portraits on the walls adjacent to the main wall space at the size of A2 or A1 and the rest of the images will be A2 or A3 sized depending on measurements.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.09.17

This first arrangement has 11 images within the wall space.  This arrangement works well, however there is a lack of flow with the images in terms of following the narrative.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.05.24

This arrangement features the portrait still life of the torch at the centre.  However, this does not work well as the images appear too consecutive against each other which gives a lack of the loose arrangement I intend to display.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 13.33.38

This arrangement works well as the portraits and still life images are evenly spread and there is a good flow of narrative which the viewer can easily follow.  From the left, we are introduced to the individual and following this large portrait, we see the individual addressing the viewer and  finding the acorn on the floor before reaching an emotional state and then deciding to follow the path of light.  The series ends with the final large portrait of the individual becoming one with the light.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 08.15.36

An extended version of this sequence features additional prints of the glass shards and a third image of the torch.  Outside of this arrangement, the side view portrait and the portrait with the individual facing towards the light would be at A1 size as separate images from the series. This will be my final chosen arrangement.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 16.32.49

This diagram presents a visual impression of the installation of the images against a dark coloured wall.

Question Book

Following up the idea of presenting a question to the audience, my original plan was to feature a box in the space where viewers can place answers inside.  However, upon further contemplation, this method of activity only asks the viewer to leave something within the space but does not give anything back.  I have now decided to feature a comment book where people can write down their answers so that others can also see them.  This method will be more diverse as people shall be leaving their ideas in the book which will be open for others to take something away from the comments.

The Plinth

The book and the Artist’s Statement shall be placed upon the plinth. The plinth is to be covered with black satin fabric and shall be placed in the centre of the room space or near the entrance.

Plinth Installation Production

Other Interactive Question Ideas

Which tool would you use to find your way out of the darkness? Torch, lantern or lightbulb?

What is the source of light?

What is light? What is dark?

How does one find their way out of the darkness?


Black Envelope

  • Artists Statement

Freedom ‘The Path To Light’

Presented by Taneesha Prince. 2016

The photographic series ‘Freedom: The Path To Light’ presents an intense narrative sequence featuring a selection of portraits and still life photography.   The narrative follows a personal journey of one individual who is searching for a light in the darkness, in which there is a bonding relationship between them and the ‘ultimate’ source of light.  The purpose of this series is to present a thought provoking experience to communicate the potential of elemental power that may reside in all of us.

The series expresses a perception of encountering a mental challenge, where a personal connection relating to natural forms and man-made resources are linked together within a harmonious partnership.

Throughout the visual story, we explore the personal developments of the  individual in several stages.  This installation also features an interactive activity which directs a question to the audience.  ‘Which tool would you use to find your way out of the darkness?’  Could it be the torch, the lantern or the lightbulb? These aspects of the narrative each play major roles in the development of the character.  The torch represents a tool of strength and solidarity and the lantern represents something that has been left behind. Meanwhile the lightbulb represents a potential contender that may provide the answer to the mystery of the light energy the individual witnesses.

My resolve for the series is to bring a message that highlights how we must appreciate the resources of energy we have available to us within the natural world as well as the man-made world.  The series represents light both as an artificial tool and as a natural life source where this teaches a lesson of understanding the roots of elemental power and to not take anything for granted.

  • Other images that did not make the cut to be featured in the final wall installation shall also be featured as small prints inside the envelope.

Installation Production

Repainting The Wall Space
The Plinth in the centre covered in satin cloth material
Left View of Gallery Space

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