Nadav Kandar

Fine art and editorial photographer Nadav Kandar photographs landscapes that bring focus on form and long distance space.  Kandar exhibits his works internationally in which he currently displays his photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Kandar has received various awards including the Prix Picket Award for the series ‘Yangtze. The Long River, a project based in China that explores the banks of the so named Chinese river.

Kandar’s landscape works explores a variety of subjects in which Kandar makes the most of the open spaces he photographs.  Often his subjects are viewed at a far distance and this increases the depth of the space more so as Kandar considers the tonal value and stretched view of the landscape.  Kandar presents a quiet and lonely atmosphere in his images that gives the viewer a ‘middle of nowhere’ experience. In most of his landscape works, the major elements presented are seen as sky, land and additional subject matter.  Kandar’s imagery is almost dream like as the viewer is given few clues of the location; there is also anonymity in subject matter, bringing a mysterious presence to the scene.

I admire how Kandar takes advantage of the surroundings in his imagery and uses featured subject matter in a way that brings artistic form to his scenes.  I also find his imagery makes the viewer look harder for detail of the subject matter as the distance between the viewer and subject is quite long.  This brings about an investigative approach from the audience’s perspective and could lead to further discovery of aspects that may not be noticed when first viewing the image.  I can relate this to my practice in terms of exploring space on a broad scale and I am intrigued to explore space in terms of shape and form as well as for recognising its significance.



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